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著名华人 — Richard Li  Release time :2007-8-22 16:36:52
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Some people believe that Richard Li to make money faster than Gates, the richest man in the world 10 times as fast!
It was predicted : Richard Li's brain potentials more than 5% of the ordinary people!
He is the pride of Chinese;
Richard Li, makes the Chinese people crazy Americans so jealous

Walk in the street, casually brought to the Richard Li, the likelihood that he is very capable.
From the building of the Cyberport, then acquired letter-kai, a backdoor listing, beautiful, "money" passers-by the imagination and "high-tech concept" as a selling point the place of PCCW technology stocks, and quickly expanded it into a 600 billion worth of large listed companies, followed by Hong Kong Telecom acquisition.
Just eight months ago, he completed a series of dazzling moves. He shook hands as if waving a magic one battle, gently strokes, the rolling bags into wealth, it became second only to his father's second-largest Hong Kong tycoons. Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong's richest man climbed on the throne, long-distance travel for half a century.
1:00 between Richard Li's name resounded through Hong Kong and outside China, north and south. His every move, the shelter is topic in the media, on his private life, is the focus of attention. So far the single "white" Richard Li, nor do I know how much pure heart stirred not calm; Echocardiography than action, it was revealed that a girl in Henan, people will resort to leverage funding road and moved to Hong Kong, PCCW headquarters outside, painfully waiting, they expressed a pro - Richard Li " Fong "Ze really do not know how to endure the" flying superstars. "
Some people believe that Richard Li to make money faster than Gates, the richest man in the world 10 times as fast!
Richard Li was invited to Gates's "future speed," the Chinese version sequence.
Richard Li, and Gates have given reminder of his grand vision, Gates said repeatedly nodded yes, they got along famously on the surface, the Americans could not conceal his jealous mind.
However, when everyone is watching today's Richard Li, the success of his crazy, you think, in his own process of development, Li Ka-shing's good intentions?
High expectations for sure, pathetic Parents
Succeed in life, is the oldest human desire, and will never be outdated. Since time immemorial, the world parents who do not want their children promoted as a valuable material, outstanding? "Mother hands Line, decoy jacket. Departure thick seam, Italy fear the delay naturalization. "The parents love their children, can be said to be the world's greatest and most selfless love. Regal power house that is the case, civilians House as well.
Undeniably, Richard Li is the gleam of the "golden key" to the small store was born, in 1966, Li Ka-shing has a successful career, save honest.
Lack of education, the father is; Li Ka-shing juvenile dropout painful experiences, but also his gratitude, the commercial sea battle at the same time, he never forgets to foster son's heart secretly vowed, we will have to give his son the best possible education.

Good seedlings from infertility. Three-year-old Richard Li, Li Ka-shing on his request for a tutor to teach him to learn Chinese, English; While leisure, but also personally counseling, stood aside to urge him to complete homework. Love him and his elation. In addition to strengthening his bilingual education, Li did not forget to allow him to accept the business climate influence. He took him to see the new projects, attend board meetings. People felt surprised : a dissatisfaction with the 10-year-old kids know what? Li Ka-shing is not aspiring to actually understand what his son, he was well aware of the subtle effects.
"Gifted" with the ordinary people of different Why? Li Ka-shing recognize that their intellectual development of an ordinary person, the brain is the problem. So, in life he strongly respected Jiannao children, told his family to the market to buy more popular Jiannao tonic for the children to eat, helping to improve intelligence.
Richard Li, aged 13, in order to allow them to receive a good education, Li had to give up the family gathered osteosarcoma, a resolute decision to send him to the United States to study. Later, Richard Li graduated from the renowned Stanford University.
Richard Li's success with Lijiajie well intentioned, as a child, he lay a good foundation, are inseparable.
It was predicted : Richard Li's brain potentials more than 5% of the ordinary
If not laid down for him by Li Ka-shing a good solid foundation, Richard Li will be the pinnacle of extraordinary talent? Richard Li has made such brilliant success? In the securities industry, the comment was made : "Li Ka-shing work hard all their lives, behind his son to make the day"; It was predicted : Richard Li, the full potential of the brain for more than 5% of the ordinary people, reached 8%, and the ordinary people is 1.5 times more.
No wonder he Balaguer, teaming malls, frequently resorting to tactics that honorary integrated wealth.

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