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Head of MOFCOM Trade Remedy and Investigation Bureau  Release time :2018-1-30 21:55:32
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 On January 22 in Washington, the US President Trump announced the global safeguard measures on imported solar products and large home washing machines for 4 years and 3 years respectively. The head of MOFCOM Trade Remedy and Investigation Bureau Wang Hejun made a statement on this.
   Wang pointed out that the US had continuously imposed trade remedy measures on imported solar products and large home washing machines, which already protected its relative domestic industries sufficiently and even unduly in recent years. The U.S. once again launched global safeguard measure investigation on imported photovoltaic products and large washing machines and imposed stringent taxation. It is an abuse of trade remedy measures, and China expresses strong dissatisfaction with this.
  Wang said that the US’ investigation drew the attention of many trading partners as well as the strong opposition from the local governments and downstream companies in the US. The restrictive measures imposed on imported solar products and large home washing machines by the US once again out of its own will are not only detrimental to the overall sound development of its domestic industries, but also further aggravates the global trade environment for related products.
  Wang stressed that the current foundation for international economic recovery is still very fragile and it requires the joint efforts and actions of all countries. Excessive and frequent trade protection can not only relieve related industries but also will undermine the balanced development of the economy. China hopes the US will use the trade restrictions with restraint, abide by the multilateral trade rules and play a positive role in promoting world economic development. With regard to the erroneous practice of the US, China will, together with other WTO members, resolutely defend its legitimate interests.

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