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  lady sandals
 Price : USD : 2.93 /pair
 Minimu Trading : &Minimu Trading : &2000pair /pair
 Remai time : Permanent
 Brand :Desert Rose Origin : China
 Location : ChinaMainland Shantou
 Release time : 2014-2-8 11:47:21
Member information
Type of company :Production
Main products, services: FOOTWEAR
Appra :  0   Vip! VIP!
Register Date:2007-4-19 10:31:51
Product Details




 MOQ:2,000 pairs/style available 3 colors


  Member of the release of other commodities
lady sandals
lady sandals
lady sandals
lady sandals
lady sandals
lady sandals
lady sandals
lady sandals

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