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  plastic mould
 Price : 面议
 Minimu Trading : 订购量不限
 Remai time : Permanent
 Brand :Unknown Origin : ChinaMainland
 Location : ChinaMainland TaiZhou
 Release time : 2007-6-13 8:34:24
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注册时间:2007-6-4 9:16:48
Product Details
Union-Pm is composed with two mould companies and one plastic factory . Union-Pm is specialized in designing and manufacturing all kinds of large and middle size plastic moulds and relative daily plastic products.We mainly make moulds for injection plastic mould, bumper mould , car lighting mould, PET performs mould, die casting mould ,pipe fitting mould , water dripper mould , bottle blowing mould ,daily use articles mould ect.With the modern equipment , we adopt the latest CAD/ CAM/ CAE technology in promoting the products and upgrading our quality .In our workshop there are full set of precision finishing equipment just CNC Milling Machine, Grinding Machines , Drilling Machines , E.D.M, Engraving Machine, Injection Machines . Also we provide the D-M-E metric standard .
   Our enterprising spirit is : Quality Honesty Innovation Efficiency
 Address: Huangyan District,Taizhou city,Zhejiang Province,ChinaTaiZhouZheJiang
 Tel: 86-576-4126057
 Contact: Marsha Ma

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