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  RZJ Series Vacuum Oil Purifier for Lubricating Oil
 Price : 1.00元 /pci
 Minimu Trading : 订购量不限 /pci
 Remai time : Permanent
 Brand :Unknown Origin : Chongqing China
 Location : ChinaMainland Chongqing
 Release time : 2006-6-26 14:37:24
Member information
Chongqing Jinrun Machinery Electron Co.,Ltd
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注册时间:2007-1-27 10:13:09
Product Details
Used for breathe into new oil and rebirth handle of unqualified high accuracy lubricating oil such as hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, refrigerating oil, anti-rub hydraulic oil, quencher oil, etc.
Handled lubricating oil which come to be with low emulsify value, with low water content and high accuracy purified could be used again and again for domestic and international high accuracy lubrication equipment completely.

1. Super ability for demulsifying.
2. Accumulate separate combine to dehydrate in vacuum.
3. Deep level of structure, high accuracy FH trapezia filters system, long-time use, with low cost and high efficiency.
4. Jinrun technique of H.P.M high polymer adsorbing material.
5. Electrical interlock control, with high automatization.

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